Update…{February 11th, 2013}

Hello to my loves aka my readers,

I’ve been beyond crazy busy trying balance everything and move forward in my life. Every thing is everything though! My poems I’ve been dipping into in and out to stay on top of my writing. That’s a must. The book is still in the works, editing is a must on my to-do list. I’m a Beach Body coach now and I’ve been working out hard the past three months. I started on Insanity lost 20 pounds and now onto Turbo Fire. Loving my transformation, I’m head over heels to see what my outcome will be by the end of the year. But at this stage in my life I;m just really focused. New ideas to bring to the table with my brand, a new logo is made, a tagline and just exciting things that should of  been done but never happened. The beast in me I can honestly say is out, lol. My book is one of my biggest focus points besides my weight and that journey. I’ve finally become to a point that I’m committed to myself in a way I’ve never have. It’s an amazing feeling and I can say that I’m proud of myself.

Being my own boss and leaving retail for good will happen this year. No doubts about that. Like God has set things up in line for me and I’m putting that work in to get to the very point I’ve dreamed of my whole life. I’m putting in heavy work and I’m just not worried about LOVE or guys at the moment to be honest. I’ve decided to strengthen my relationship with God and follow my purpose then worry about love. I’m still young but I have things I need to get in order NOW. It;s taken me awhile to get to this point so going backwards is always a scary thought and I do everything in my power to keep the ball rolling. I make myself work out and I make myself get out my comfort zone. My poetry I want to become more raw, seductive, more sensual, more inspirational and encouraging. My beliefs, vision and confidence I want to come from my poetry! That’s my outlet and where I shine. No worries there. I connect with people, I can speak to many situations, many hearts, souls and people get my situations when they read my poetry. That’s what makes my poetry so much exciting and I get to go off that to move forward into my journey with my writing, my book and future ideas far as becoming an author/poet. It’s a blessing. God’s work…

Keep supporting me you guys, I haven’t forgot about you…



My coach link…http://beachbodycoach.com/Dreya07


If your ready to transform and take control, I’m here to help!


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