Circles…{New Poem}

Took me months to fall out of love
Finally I pull myself together
BOOM, here you are
There’s a weird feeling inside
I kind of just wanna hide
All this time I’ve been focusing on me
Out the blue you hit me and now thoughts are stuck with me
We have a pattern
You always find a way back to me
And I find a way back to you
Only difference is I’ve let go…
Now the ball is in your court
I’ve cried so much
I’ve waited so long
I tried so hard
Now I just have this guard
I took the hold you had on me
Gave it God and I’ve been walking with HIM every since
I love you and when I was in love
Honeybun, I loved you with passion
I don’t want you out of my life
I just need you to be consistent
The in and out is exhausting
Our pattern I’ve broken
We were just going round and round
You fumbled my heart
We can’t go in these circles


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