He Will…{NEW POEM}

He Will…

His soul will be shown through his eyes
His heart shall always protect mine
My flaws; perfection he’ll find
Cuz even with all my mistakes he’ll let me know I shine
My heart is numb
But it’s still hopeful for true love

The pureness from his heart
Everyday he’ll remind me what made me fall in love from the start
Arguments will end before bed
Our love for each other will never end
We’ll face each day together
Our fights and disagreements will let us love another harder

How he shows his love
He’ll be creative, genuine and know how to surprise me
Be willing to love me
Even on my worse day
Nothing or nobody will scare him away
He’ll know my truths and back me up even after my tears

With all of him he’ll protect, provide and profess his love
My ambition won’t intimidate him
He’ll challenge me
So that I’ll get to my true destiny
That face I can’t wait to see
And the day I get to see him I’m waiting patiently

I’ve played this love game for awhile
I’ve gained some, lost some
All I can ask God to be with me on this one
My heart is tired
My emotions are finally at peace
But that day I fall in love again will come and I know in my heart he will…


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