HAPPY NEW YEAR…{Random Post…January 3, 2013}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

I’m excited because this is the first post of 2013 ❤ Feeling great as well. I’m on day 3 of my detox and day 33 for Insanity. Came into 2013 very focused and determined to turn things around for the better starting with my health and continuing to grow in my relationship with God. My spiritual self has grown tremendously and this year I look to continue my journey. I already have a few projects going for the year plus a new logo for my BRAND and new poem titles set for new material to write. So I’m just starting off strong and tryna maintain this because being positive and look towards a better me will bring me nothing but positivity and good things. I’m ready to take leaps this year and be BOLD. Living out my happiness and changing for the better, I’m down with. I changed my hair color which is much brighter now. It’s honey blonde, needed something to brighten up my face. I’ve gotten plenty compliments on my new color and I’m told it gives me a “glow” and that’s exactly what I need moving forward that “GLOW” to keep me going. I had enough sadness in 2012 so I’m trying to keep it there.

I will be working on new material in the up coming days and I want to post at least one video too. My YouTube fam is watching. I have so many changes going on I’m trying to just take task and things day by day. You guys are my family and you all share a relationship with me that extends into my brand. My poetry is a big part of me and that goes into my book. So it’s important that I share things with you all and I keep things flowing. My poetry speaks for many, females and males. If your human, you’ll understand my stories. I speak from my heart and anything that I go through it’s in a poem. Thank you for supporting me and continue to grow with me. The book is still in the works. I’m determined to do big things with my book. Poetry is more than what the people think!!! Our generation has changed the face of poetry, I’ll prove that. Stay tuned…


Love, Peace and Honesty,



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