Holding Me…{New Poem}

Hold Me…

Everything is going in circles
My body is exhausted tryna push harder than ever
With minimum support and no guidance
It’s getting rough to hold on
The dream in my head won’t let up
Unexplainable passion and desire
To get my dreams accomplished
When nobody understand that
All I have is me
At the end of the day all I need is me
But once I feel your hands on my waist
Them lips on my neck
My body gives into my love for you
All day I go hard
I’m calling the shots, closing deals and keeping the hustle going
I don’t care about the rest of the world
I know everything will be alright
With you by my side
And holding me…

*Side Note* One day I dream to have this, that one holding me down and holding me day in, day out ❤


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