What God Has Done For Me…{Random Post 12.19.12}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

The year is getting closer to an end but I’m going into 2013 wiser, stronger and very optimistic of what the future holds. This year has truly opened my eyes, put a world worth of stress, headaches, tears and blessings in my life. I’ve realized things I need to work on as a person, as a friend and as a sister and daughter. I looked into my spirit and soul deeper than I ever have in my past and I lost 30 pounds. My heart is in the right place and I just can say that I’m ready. Nobody but JESUS CHRIST life the stress I felt for 10 months off my shoulders and helped me see what I needed to do to move forward in my journey. I’m back to regaining who I was and working very hard to lose this weight I’ve gained the past years. 

There’s nothing I can’t do because I have this man in my life who has proved to me HE WILL NEVER LEAVE. who lives deep within my spirit and who I pray to share with the world. He gets me through my day, through my struggles, my tears, my worries, my heartache and my pain. He gives me strength, courage, wisdom and JOY. The smile on my face day to day is from him and he takes care of me regardless of my flaws. He doesn’t judge me, look at me crazy and he lifts me up everyday to carry on without worry. He reminds me I’m beautiful and speaks to me through HIS WORD. HE’S an amazing FRIEND and amazing MAN. Regardless of what I do HE forgives me and protects me through the storm. I’m forever grateful and wish I could share this feeling with the WORLD. Everyones deserves a friend like HIM and HIS name is Jesus. What a friend I have in Jesus and HE’S done amazing things for me. I look forward to the blessings and lessons he has in stores for me in 2013. Amen ❤ 

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!, 



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