Stay In Your Lane…{December 12, 2012}

Stay In Your Lane

Don’t tell me how to live
When everyday it’s my life I have to live
Your on the outside looking in
I’m the one in this circle
You got your life and I have mine
My way I’m determined to find
This life I live is mine
Bitch please don’t try to block my shine
Best to believe imma get mine
Keeping my eyes on the prize
Dreams are meant go come alive
If you stay in one spot
That’s what it would be just a dream
All I have to do is just BELIEVE
Believe in me, believe in my  dreams
I’m not watching you
I got this, watch me work
Taking this to another level
No passengers on my plane
So yes boo that means you must
Stay in your lane



  1. stephanie · December 12, 2012

    Love It!!!

  2. chillzgh · December 17, 2012

    Pls tell them stay outta their lane.Niceey

  3. dreya07 · December 18, 2012

    Thank you Chillzgh!!!!

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