Random Thoughts…12.12.12

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!,

Well I said I’d be back and here I am. I’ve posted two new poems this week. My mind has been on overload from everything that’s going on and things I’m pursuing. With a new year ahead of us I’m updating my goals and evaluating situations going on in my life. At the top of the year its my birthday so it’s much coming up and I just want to be sure that next year I’m crushing everything I put my mind too and just step it up in the ways I wanted to this year. Although this year was an eye opener, I learned very much and I’m moving forward in a very big way. My happiness I’ve put on hold and I’ve been trying to do things with approval from others and I just can’t anymore. So my mindset and everything is just somewhere else. I’m not worried about nobody else besides myself if its not family. My backbone is my family so therefore thats who I will put focus on.

This past weekend a special came on CNN called “Who is Black in America?”, very interesting and eye opening show. I’ve been apart of the whole “Colorism” thing inside the African American/Black community and it hurt my heart to see a 7 year old say “I wish I was light skin”. Me myself, have been in those shoes and I’ve had those thoughts so it took me back to those days and I just get even more motivated to carry out my purpose GOD has given me to speak of my own journey with “colorism” and help those in that situation. I’ve been through much in my life and I’m just at a point to share my journey. I’m excited about the new year and my future. I’m pushing very hard, like never before. I’m moving quietly and just laying down my foundation properly to get where I’m destined to be. Nobody else can see my vision and live out my purpose so its on me. One thing I wanted to be clear on is anyone in the african american, black and even african ethnicity please know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. From every shade of us light skin to dark ebony chocolate brown we are gorgeous. Don’t allow anyone to tell you less and BE CONFIDENT with who you are, as Keyshia Kaior said “define beauty by your standards”.

I wanted to but some shine onto the beautiful and talented Tamar Braxton…her song “Love and War”. I listen to the song on repeat everytime I listen. I’m excited about her time and career. She’s amazing vocalist and talent. I’m a HUGE BEYONCE fan so I’m apart of the BeyHive and I’m a Tamartian. She’s a great girl and I think you guys will enjoy her work too. Her style is lovely and she’s a DIVA. I’ll post the her first single at the bottom!!!! I will probably post a few more times and I’m hoping to do two videos before the year ends. Thank you guys for supporting my blog and reading my work. I’m still pursing my book and really working hard on my brand!!!!! You guys are amazing and thank you thank you for the comments and LIKES!!!!!! I’ll be back soon. Enjoy the poems previously posted!!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!,




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