Numb {New Poem}…December 2012


The walls have began to close in
Sand in the glass is running out
The pain inside I’m ready to shout
I’ve tried pleasing you and them
I’ve done what I could
It’s time to do what I should
I’m in that no give a fuck mode
Live by my terms and happiness
Giving chances
Being nice time after time
Looking for love
Trying to open up my heart
All of the above have played out
It’s been exhausted
Now all I can say is fuck it…
What I feel
What I desire
What I love
Its not the same in your eyes
So why do you even try?
You blocking my shine
No support or wisdom shown
So it’s time you get shut down
My dreams, my life and my goals
Fuck how you feel
It’s not about how YOU feel
Blessed to have a job
But it’s dead, I’m over it
You can do but one thing so long
Before its boring
I have my own dreams to fulfill
This road has to end
So my dreams will begin
People opinions can go but so far
Can’t let how they feel stop me
I’ve played the nice role long enough
Everybody feelings are shut out
Take it or leave it
Imma tell it how it is
That’s just how it is
That’s how I feel
I’m done, I’ve become numb


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