Random Thoughts…{December 7th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!,

Random post, I don’t usually post on a Friday but here I am! For new readers it’s been awhile since I’ve done a random thoughts post but basically I speak on random things whether its personal, relationships/friendships and business. Whatever comes to mind is spoken upon. So another tragedy has hit the african american community in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA. Jordan Davis was shot last week I believe because of LOUD MUSIC!!!!!! It keeps saddening my heart because it hasn’t been a year since TRAYVON MARTIN and another senseless crime was committed to another african american male. He had no gun and was in the car but shot over LOUD MUSIC. How stupid is that? So I was upset honestly…how many has to die to change these laws??? How many families have to hurt to see change? Why because the color of our skin offends people? Makes them think negative? Makes them think we will get violent? It’s just SICKENING. He was a great kid, in school and VISITING HIS DAD sounds familiar doesn’t it? Trayvon Martin, not even A YEAR LATER!!!! You guys whether you are african american or NOT what if this was you? Your brother or friend? Then the guy Dunn said he shot him IN SELF DEFENSE!!! Crazy just crazy, no weapons were found int he vehicle Jordan and his friends were in plus he died in his friends arms. How would you feel?

Ladies…respect yourselves. Don’t allow guys to treat you like anything and get away with it! Keep yourself first and make sure everyone around you respects you. Don’t post naked pictures of yourself on INSTAGRAM to get follows…for what? Be who you are, stand out in the crowd don’t blend in. I’m a woman of integrity and empowerment. If you don’t respect yourselves, nobody will. Men will do only as much as you ALLOW THEM TO DO!!! The first time a guy acts up or mistreats you, handle it. Confront the situation. Don’t let him get away and keep repeating the same thing. Recently a guy who I was talking too only responds to me on his connivance, his time and it wasn’t consistent. To me when I’m talking to someone consistency and effort I pay much attention too. How he talks to me, treat me, interest in me and the attention all I look at. I know how I love and how I am within a relationship, I must watch how he acts. Loving hard causes a person to protect themselves much more. I’ve cut many guys off this year and next year its a clean slate. Love is something I’m passionate about, I love hard and I love with all of me. I don’t half step when I love, I go full force.

…I will be posting VERY SOON AGAIN! The poetry has been flowing heavily lately. Life has happening and my writings reflect that. From my pain, love, business and LIFE. It’s not easy these days and its eve harder to make a DREAM become a reality. In some ways I feel like an under dog  preparing to go into the new year with a full force like never before. Willing to cut anybody off who don’t support, don’t believe and just not riding. Too long I’ve been trying to please other people and this year has crushed me. I’ve came to an breaking point with so much I’m just in that “don’t give a fuck” mode. Sometimes you just have to be in that mode to be able to do what MAKES YOU HAPPY!!!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty,

Dreya ❤

….Rest In Peace Jordan Davis

Rest In Peace..

Rest In Peace..


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