Forgiveness…{NEW POEM}


Takes a lifetime to learn
It’s not always the easiest to do
But let’s be honest it’s for self
The ones who hurt you
Will continue to live their lives
I suggest you do the same

Life is not always roses
But when it gives you lemons
We must make lemonade
It’s always easy to give up
But don’t let a mistake or something someone else did to you
Be the reason you stop it all

Love also includes forgiveness
Alongside in life
If someone means that much to you
If your in that much pain
You must let go and let God
You must learn to forgive

Everyday we sin
Everyday we fall short of perfection
We all are in the same fight just a different struggle
We get hurt and we struggle with things
The one thing that’s necessary to move forward for self
Is forgiveness



  1. carolineskanne · November 27, 2012

    heartfelt poem with a beautiful message! love & gratitude ❤

    • dreya07 · November 27, 2012

      Thank you Caroline, thanks for following my blog! Means much and thanks for stopping through it and posting ❤ enjoy!

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