Random Thoughts {What’s going on with me}…

Hello my loves,

It’s so much going on with me but I think I’m ready to tell what’s going on in my head and in my life. Alright! Well emotionally I’ve been trying to not slip into a depression because I’m trying to do so much! Plus I’ve been feeling behind because I’m not where I want to be for a 23 year old. But I was watching “Life Class” on Oprah’s OWN Network with Joel Osteen. I really needed to listen to the words they were saying and connect myself because how I think and feel affects what’s going on with me. I will put up some of the things he said at the end of the blog. But I’ve been doing Insanity with my love Ambie the past few weeks, crazy but so much fun. My weight is something I’m putting more time and energy into because my health is top priority not just for my brand, book and everything business wise but for me personally my health is everything so I’m working on my weight. Losing weight is very hard and a emotional roller coaster but its something that when I’m losing the weight feels AMAZING, I’m losing weight and people are taking notice and I pray it continues. Making my physical and emotional connect finally is my biggest change I’m aiming towards. Finding my style, beginning to get into make-up, begin my make-up collection, I may revamp my logo and just all around transition into the woman I see myself to be. Only I can control that.


Who all loves Rihanna? I loveeeeeeeee how she just lives and I’m trying to get to that point! She changes her hair color which I have a few ideas in mind for my own, she doesn’t let people’s opinions hold her down and she has a relationship with GOD. I love that. Just as everyone else I watch career wise, I hope she keeps going strong. She’s a year older than me but I most definitely want to party with Rihanna! Fun Fun! She’s dope and I dig it very much. Rihanna is beautiful on so many levels not even just physical but she is gorgeous inside. I think she is the testament to living your life for you. Regardless of the flaws or don’t haves living is important to being happy. I’m getting the new cd “Unapologetic”. I’ve been watching Rhi for awhile, I’m a BIG BEYONCE and she is why I found a outlet to express myself so freely within my poetry. Music is a big part of my life so I just watch amazing individuals in the business especially WOMEN, I love empowering women to do better, stay strong and just look out for yourself. Having a identity outside of a relationship, marriage and the “routine” life is something I’m strong about.

Voting, the election season is coming to an end, AMEN! Lol I enjoy politics to an extent because it causes friction and our country gets to decide who the next president will be. BUT it gets too personal, nasty and DISRESPECTFUL. My first time voting was in 2008 and I’m just as passionate as I was then, now. I watched the debates and I’ve donated to a certain campaign. I’m strong about women’s choices, our rights, education and so much when it comes to choosing a candidate for the WHITE HOUSE. They don’t run a company they’re running a whole country full of all kinds of walks of life, ethnics and etc it’s just so much to exclude certain people because of how much they make, don’t make, circumstances and just everything. Be wise with you decision when voting and just make sure you do VOTE. I voted last week!!! WOOT WOOT. Good experience, I like having my voice heard especially since my ancestors fought so hard to gain the right to vote!!!

Here are some things before I end my post I got from Oprah’s Life Class with Joel Osteen:

1. I’m looking forward to my second WIN!

2. Wake up grateful about something in your life.

3. Saying “I am beautiful” invites beauty in…

4. Whatever follows “I AM” will follow YOU

5. Whatever you feed will GROW

6. As long as you have breathe, somebody needs your talents

7. Just be who God wants YOU to be, nobody can beat you at BEING YOU!


…next week part two will be on! On OWN Oprah’s Life Class at 9:00pm with Joel Osteen…watch to become inspired. I shall return soon with new material I’m working on.

“Believe in your dreams, believe in YOURSELF and don’t give up on YOUR DREAMS. Dreams are meant to come true” ❤ – ME

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Love, Peace && Honesty,



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