Moving Forward. {New Poem}…..

Moving Forward

The tears I’ve cried I can’t undo
The moments we shared I can’t redo
But what I can do is pray for you
The water has run dry
No more tears can be cried
But at the end of the day I can say I tried

I’m a damn good woman
So I didn’t lose out boo, you did
I did some shit that no other chick would
Always kept it 100 never less
She cheated on you and has your heart
I fly thousand of miles, listen to your lies and held you down in need
Never questioned your motives

You can never say I did you wrong
I didn’t string you along
I was the one singing to you love songs
I didn’t want to see you hurt
I didn’t want that bitch to get you burnt
But instead I’m the one who got burnt

Just because I chose to love you
Doesn’t mean I must be naive to you
I thought you told no lies
There was a time I thought you did no wrong
My eyes were blinded and out of my mind
You showed your ass
So I got the chance to see the real you

Unfortunately it was the day before I left
You saved the very best for last
Because what you did made me cry
You told me you didn’t want to be with me
You didn’t want to be with anyone
In my heart I knew it was bullshit

If I was her, you’d be on it
But I wasn’t enough
I’m not the girl you knew
The one you chose over
She was beyond naive
She just wanted you to believe
In what we had

All the pain you’ve caused has made me stronger
Despite the non sense
You’ve helped raise my standards
I’m in love with those moments
But I gotta fall back in love with me
Right now that’s all I see
It’s time for me to feel free

There’s no hard feelings in my heart
Just a fresh start
Because there’s you and then there’s me
There’s no longer an us
You had a good one
She has taken back her heart and decided
It’s best I move forward


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