Take Me As I Am {Regardless}…NEW POEM!

Take Me As I Am (Regardless)

Does me being plus size offend you?
Does it makes you uncomfortable?
Well guess what?
Get over it!
I love who I am regardless
Hate it or love it it is what it is

Just because I don’t look like you
Just because I don’t love like you
Just because I love a different gender
Just because I’m shaped differently
Doesn’t make me less valuable than you
You can’t define me by your terms

The ways that you live
The ways that you think
Shouldn’t impact how I live, look or love
Plus size, bisexual, homo sexual, heterosexual, trans gender
Whatever the case may be just LIVE
When you do that’s when you can breathe

The world is not walking in your shoes
Only YOU can walk in your shoes
So only YOU can determine your happiness
Keep your head to the sky
Know that after take off you will fly
Remember not pleasing people that’s just how it goes

We are all humans
No matter how different we may be
We all are in the same struggle
But we must hold on to see brighter days
Think what you want but hate it or love it you will
Take Me As I Am…Regardless!


One comment

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