Update…{10.3.12}…I’m BACKKKKK

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

It’s been awhile since I posted and I’ve been on vacation so I’ve been gone. Vacation was good, relaxing and fun all in one now its back to reality. I’ve taken time to write down goals for the next three months and getting baptized Sunday so there’s much going on this side. I will be posting pictures from my vacation only a few though! I’ve been kind of going through things but I’m trying to take things day by day. When you already have pressure on yourself and you feel more pressure from other places its much to take on but I’m the type to find a way to prove someone wrong. In my heart I just know what I’m pushing for and why. I always replay back my history and think about why my parents relocated and tried to give us a better life so many aspects of my life inspires me just to keep going and do better. My circumstances may not be where I would like them but I can change that if I push hard enough. Getting rid of distractions and taking time away from certain things is where I’m at. I just gotta get my mind back on the right positive track to move in the direction I’m going towards. I’m currently waiting for the presidential debate to come on WOOT WOOT!!! Lol I love the debates, to me its the best part of the campaign. If your not registered to vote pleaseeeee do so and V O T E. It’s very important that you get your voice heard. There’s so much at stake here this election.

We have like 88 days left in the year of 2012! Its so crazy how fast this year has just passed and the changes that has transpired. For the coming year I’m aiming to just set things up correctly so that I can just go in for the coming year of everything. I’m very optimistic and ambition to what I’m pushing for for the next two years. I only wish to grow as an individual and enhance my life so that I have more room to be who I am without limitations on any level. I love to just be who I am in my own skin. Me currently just doing my own soul searching and working on myself so that my appearance and how I feel inside compliments each other!!!! I know what I deserve and what I’ve been through so thats what pushes me. Keep praying for me, I appreciate all of the feedback and comments I receive. THANKS TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS!!!! I welcome you and please please give me feedback and comments on my post and poems…I’m working on new material, taking my time because I don’t believe in rushed work! Enjoy my blog ladies and gents *KISSES*…Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself & don’t give up on your DREAMS. Dreams are meant to COME TRUE

Love, Peace and Honesty,


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  1. coconutspeak · October 4, 2012

    You have been missed my beautiful black sister. Welcome home and don’t leave again. Smooches

    • dreya07 · October 4, 2012

      Awww thank you!!!! I’ll try not too.

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