Random Thoughts…{September 14th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

Late night post it is this time around! Thank you for the new subscriptions I’ll be sure to keep you guys coming back for me great poetry. I love new people and feedback so keep writing me comments as well with the subscriptions. I’m gearing up for this cruise next Saturday, I’m so excited because it’s my first cruise. But it feels so far away lol! Besides the cruise I’ve been kind of emotional lately, trying to figure out where am I at emotionally. This person that I’m currently not talking too I love with a passion and miss dearly. I wish we could talk just see where each other is at and maintain a friendship. He’s someone I care about outside of a “relationship”and wish to see do well in life even if I’m not the leading lady in his life. I’m at a place where I’m 5000% focused on me, my career(s), my brand and getting the life I’ve always dreamed of. Not many can say they live out their dreams, well I will be one of them if it takes forever. I’m committed to my dreams and married to my dreams. That’s just where my head is in the game right now. When you care about someone the way that I do it doesn’t stop. I care about him more so because he’s so young! Plus I know he’s so talented so I want him to execute those talents in a way it’ll do him good. But that’s up to him ya know. I think me putting myself first is over due and I’m glad I can be at this place. It took awhile but its something that I need in order to make the moves necessary to gain success. My mind is clear and I just know what I want.

Branding is my biggest thing right now. Everyone knows I’m Dreya and I’m a Diva. It’s who I am but its not like a mean person kind of thing it’s more of “I know what I want, don’t get in my way because I’m getting it” and “I’m top notch”. I’m all about empowerment and moving forward with life. Life is about progress and taking chances with what’s given so I’m doing that right now. I’m not stressing over much anymore because I’m putting everything in God’s hands at this point. I’m just aiming to execute my dreams with the talents God has given me. Nobody else is investing the time, energy or money to get what I dream every day so I got this. I talk to God day in and day out. I do my research and I try to write down everything I want to do. My book is my first step in the door plus getting my name out there. Nobody can tell me it’s not possible because I see people achieve their dreams everyday. It’s about the hustle and how hungry you are about your dreams. So I’m the CEO, head boss chic handling her business everyday. I’m from New York and we make dreams our reality. It’s the city of big lights and big things. I love NEW YORK and I rep it much as I can. I’m trying researching different brands like Keyshia Kaior and the Kardashian brand right now. I will look into Beyonce and furthermore in days to come so I can get my ideas and thoughts together so I can be a solid brand. I’ll post this video which inspired me to just go hard for my dreams regardless what comes my way….

“Believe in your dreams, believe in YOURSELF & don’t give up on your DREAMS. Dreams are meant to COME TRUE” ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty!, 



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