Let’s Get It Together…{Old Poem}

Lets Get It Together

We only have one life to live

Make it count and do what your heart desires

I do have some concerns about a few things

We all know at a certain age wrong from right

What’s so wrong about doing what’s right?

Without trying to please everyone around us?

I’m about to voice a few thoughts…

I’m not a mother but I sure do know right from wrong

If you can’t hold your own

Don’t try to help others when you’re not all together

If you can’t provide for your own kids

Wearing clothes from the 5th and 6th grade and they grown now

Stop trying to help out kids who already have families

For young girls, it’s important to set good examples

From marriage, sex, relationships and parenthood

These ladies need guidance

Be honest and real

Stop holding back and holding onto the past

Your kids need a mother, not a friend

It’s a new generation


Ladies if you are willing to be with someone who repeatedly disrespects you

You are condoning it

You are disrespecting yourself

You don’t know your worth

Take back the control in your life

Break the bad habits

Find someone who can value your worth

When you can’t figure out who you are

It’s important to call on the Lord above

Knowing your value, worth, standards, heart and overall who you are as a

person is pivotal

Don’t live your life for someone else

Get your own swag, mula and earn your own wealth

Step it up; especially when you feel down

Always know you wear your own crown

Ladies, if you have standards

Please stick to them

Settling is never the way to go

Regardless of your fear of being alone or failed relationships in the past

Happiness is something YOU control

Not your man, boyfriend or life partner

It coms from within

A woman’s self esteem, standards and priorities

In today’s generation

Does not exist!

Have faith and take a step out on your own risk

That’s living

Be strong and firm with your choices

At the end of the day, all you have is you

We need to challenge ourselves

We need to control our hormones

We need to stop only thinking of ourselves and consider those in our lives

Your choices do affect those closest to you

Life is what you make it

Make yours count

Let’s Get It Together


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