Believing In Me {OLD POEM}…

Believing In Me

I’ve been depressed over guys and my weight


 I’ve been down and out about my skin tone


 I’ve been hurt in every way emotionally possible


 Now it’s time to be who I am, time to be free


 No longer depending on others for anything

 No longer allowing bullshit or negativity to control my life

 Yes it’s a transformation

 Inside and out full blown out change

 But it’s well worth the change to be able to overcome pain

 Letting go of fear

 Letting go of “I Can’t”

 Letting go of who I used to be

 I’m finally believing in me

 I will walk this journey alone

 To those who’ve done me wrong; you never deserved me

 My spirit I will cleanse

 I will gain back my life and my strength

 If I’ve done you wrong or disrespected you

 I’m sorry and I deeply apologize

 What’s in store for me is unknown

 Change can be scary

 But this cycle can’t remain

 The past is exactly that the past

 I’m sticking to who I am in my spirit

 Loving those who truly love me back

 Valuing all the role models shoulders I stand upon

 My vision is clear

 My heart is back to the basics

 My destiny is in the hands of God

 But one thing is for sure

 I’m believing in me



  1. coconutspeak · September 11, 2012

    You and your words are beautifully moving and haunting. I feel, like you’ve been living in my head for a while.

    • dreya07 · September 12, 2012

      Awww thank you so much! Glad my poems can touch you in all the ways that they do, that’s my purpose. Lol, glad your head relates to my thoughts! Thanks for the support!

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