Ambition…{OLD POEM}


It’s that drive that keeps you going

Rejected again, again and again

But that persistence at the end…

The only option is to win

Ambition is priceless

Ambition is your motivation

The road will be hard but worth it

What it took to get there only you will endure it

Once that breakthrough come, it will feel good

Doing things no one thought you would

But the whole time you knew you could

All it took was some courage

Some positive support

Your own determination

When you add it all up that’s your ambition

….this poem is not that old so I’m still in this mind set of ambition. I can say that ambition is something that rarely fades in me, I’m always trying to do better! I can’t live in a box or at the same level if I do I feel as if I’m not doing anything to better myself. People change and things change! That’s life but ambition is in your veins.


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