So in Love…{September 7, 2012}

So In Love.

The one who made love a reality for me
Made my heart able to love
Proved to me I was meant to be loved
Even though we aren’t in love now
I’m in love with the moments of us
I’m in love with the memories
You came into my world and made it shake

Prior to you I was just everywhere
I wasn’t able to say love
I was hurt from my past
Wasn’t able to feel as I should be loved
Then you came along and changed that
My life is crazy
But you made things alright for me
You were able to set my heart free

When my cousin passed you listened and was there
When I was having doubts
When I was stressed about things in my life
I knew you were a text or call away
Hearing from you made my day
I still remember everything
“I love you”
Is something I loved to hear you say

Maybe I was naive to attempt us
Long distant relationship
But it’s nothing I regret
I love who you are, your heart and your humbleness
This is not bullshit
This comes from my heart
I’ve never lied to you and today I won’t start
I just needed to speak from my heart

Meeting you was the best part
I never felt so right
The feeling of being next to you was amazing
I truly was high as a kite
I don’t care how anyone feels
I only care about how I feel
So here is the deal…

It’s my time to give my heart a break
Fighting for us for three years has
Drained me like no other
We tried twice but both times we couldn’t do it
Things happen for a reason
Some people are a season
But each person has a lesson which is a blessing
And in my heart BCJ will always be a blessing

We can’t be
I’m at peace with that
But know that I’m rooting for you
It’s not our time
True love I pray you find
I know God has mine
It was a good run and you changed me
A new me is what I see

There’s no telling what the future holds
But thinking of our love
Never gets old
Truth be told
You have some growing to do
And me I’m making moves
Forever I hold you close
Forever I’ll remember why I was so in love


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