Update…{September 2nd, 2012}

Heyyyyy MY LOVES aka my readers,

It’s SEPTEMBER OMG, already you guys! Geesh, it’s crazy. Well first off I want to say that I am at 30 pounds down on my weight loss journey which is just amazing to me. It’s hard I will be totally honest because I’m a sweets lover and my house loves to cook and bake, lol. SO I’m trying with all of me to find that balance and eat things in proportion. I love my fruits and veggies so I eat those always. The working out part I’m trying to work in my schedule, even if it’s small stuff. So yeah it’s struggle you can say to get into working out, I try to look at it as my time to release stress and make my body relax all around. I’m trying to get to that point so that I’ll see even more results the way I want. Changing my eating habits and taking time to look into myself is where I’m at right now. In order to spread my wings I have to look deep in myself and just clear out any sad emotions that may live inside of me. I’m not a negativity person so when I feel sad or anything I know its time to just reflect upon myself and things I maybe going through or feeling. I’m all about progress and moving forward especially now because I’m beginning to step into so much next year. So I’m motivated very much!

My work ethic I’m trying to get enact too as well because I use to go to work and school and I had a very strong work ethic but the last year and change things have changed in a crazy way. So getting my mind right, my energy level and just prepared for the things I want to embark on. I’m very capable at working hard and when I’m passionate about what I’m doing I just go even harder, that’s what I do. When I’m not into it that’s when I kinda shy away and not think much of it. But I’m just trying not to complain when I’m so blessed and I know I am. I don’t complain like that anyway but I can. When I do I think about those who don’t have ya know? So I’m just working on myself. Getting me right has to be my number one priority right now and I try to have my alone time to Being able to live out my dreams and work for myself doing things I WANT to do and DREAMED to do is my lifetime goal. To be able to say “I’m living out my dreams” is something not everybody can say and me, myself is determined to say those words. I admire those in the industry let it be music, movies, entertainers, back up singers, back up dancers, dancers, producer, song-writer or just flat out doing they thing is something that feels so damn good so I support those in the lime light or trying to get they foot in the door. I’m all about empowerment so I follow a few careers and get inspire those pursuing their dreams! I really love Kandi Burass, Rochelle Jordan, Solange and some more they are females I feel don’t get the correct support or shine. But I have some pictures of Sanaa Lathan, Angela Simmons, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole and Rochelle Jordan. Other careers who have helped me dig into who I am who I include in my book are Aaliyah, Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Lil Kim and CIARA. These ladies are amazing I still support them and they really helped me love my craft and motivated me. As I’ve grown and got into more as a woman and learned about being sexy I just in tuned with myself and learned to love women who embrace their sexuality. I love a women who can be sexy at any given moment that’s appropriate, I can do that! Lol. Women are meant to be sexy, our bodies are amazing and a canvas. So embrace yourself ladies!!!!

I’m trying to write more poetry these days as I take this journey within myself emotionally and clear out my spirit and I love to write at these moments because that’s when the real emotions show. I’m real and upfront. I don’t like hiding my emotions, I wear my heart on my sleeve so that’s what my poetry has. I have a few ideas and music actually helps me be motivated to write along with emotions in my mind, spirit and thoughts. I’m slowly learning about building my brand and being a brand. Talking to people and speaking on a camera has been something new. I’m a private person with personal things which is good but I know my testimony can help you guys struggling with things I already experienced so I can help. Hopefully by Wednesday I’ll post my new poems. Thank you everyone for reading my material, the new subscribers and the feedback. It really helps me!!! I love you all, support means the world to me!!!!! MUAH!!!

Believe in your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Dreams are meant to come true ❤

Love, Peace && Honesty!!!,

Dreya ❤


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