Make Me Feel…{NEW POEM}

Make Me Feel

I’m the kind of girl that enjoys

Stimulation from a great conversation

Intellect will capture my heart quicker than looks

Knowing I’m able to talk to him

Able to tell him my dreams

And he still love me

I’m full of flaws and imperfections

But that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve affection

On my lowest days or moments

I want to still hold the crown of being a queen

When I’m at my highest still know I’ll have my KING

He won’t be intimidated by my ambition

He’ll take recognition of a real dream

There’s no perfect person

But when I find the right one

He’ll be perfect for me

He won’t hesitate to do anything for me

He’ll do anything…

To make me laugh, smile and be happy

But he won’t be afraid to

Make me feel…


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