Claim It…{NEW POEM}


Much of what I’m going after

I can’t possibly do alone

God will be my guidance, my strength and my grace

I’m on a mission

It’s not just for myself but those who have struggled like me

Each poem even this one

Has a purpose, a message and or even tears behind it

I do everything with a purpose

Passion lives in my veins accompanied by ambition

Nothing I’m pursuing is new

This is mine, I need to make moves

Nobody understands my mission

Only my FATHER above

Everyday I talk to HIM

He guides me and helps me

From my book(s), modeling, endorsements, my camp and organization

I take it to the only ONE who understands ME

I execute everything first with prayer

Then I research my venture

After I just leave the rest in HIS hands

Now I just go ahead and CLAIM IT ❤

August 13th, 2012


One comment

  1. coconutspeak · August 30, 2012

    Well said, my sister. Our Father has blessed us with purposeful hearts and minds.
    Sincerely, Monica

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