Update…{August 19th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

It’s been a few days, almost a week I think since I posted on here. Much is going on and just really trying to focus on my dreams. Besides my dreams I want to take some time out to say Rest In Peace to my great grandmother Estelle who passed away two weeks ago and I was able to see her put into the ground this past Thursday in North Carolina. I didn’t know her as much as I wanted but she knew who I was as well as I knew who she was so I met her several times to be able to feel emotions as she passed away in her sleep. She was 94 and I am more inspired by her life because although she was 94 this woman was strong, a fighter and just someone who had a beautiful SPIRIT. I pray that I’m able to live a life as amazing as hers and make those who have passed in my life proud. Everyday I just think about what my cousin said before she passed to me:

“ Cuz, it’s not where your from; its where are your headed? That’s the question”

From that moment I read that, I really took life and looked at it differently. I had watched Oprah’s show with Mary J. Blige on it and I just felt so empowered to conquer my dreams regardless how much work it meant I needed to put in. If you know Oprah or Mary J. Blige then you know they both come from hard backgrounds and it wasn’t easy for them to get where they are now in their lives. So with these two mega stars and my cousin telling me the quote above I just thought about where I was headed and what I wanted to do to get there. All of this happened I believe in 2010 and I began writing my manuscript that year so I took it to heart what my cousin said plus she had passed that year so I felt even more moved to begin my book. My book means so much to me and I refuse for it to be a “flop” I’ll put in blood, sweat, tears and years for it to be a number one seller. I want to prove that you can be a “nobody” and sell books. With the technology and everything that we have it’s easier to make a platform so I intend to do just that build my platform to gain a respectable amount of readers and introduce myself to the world.

Gabby Douglas…AMAZING girl in the 2012 Olympian who is African American. I’m so proud of her and I pray that little girls around the world who are african american, hispanic, asian or any ethnic are inspired to do anything they put their minds too. Anyone doing something positive at a young age or whatever age I’m all for! Empowerment and encouraging people especially the next generation I’m passionate about so GO GABBY ❤ I’ve heard about the critics talking about Gabby’s hair and all I can do is “smh”, shake my head. This young lady just made history and beat records at the olympics like really? Your worried about her hair? This is crazy to me but people just have to pick on something or find something negative to talk about! Keep on keeping on Gabby, do your thing! Another inspiring face that I SO LOVE, Tika Sumpter. She’s a model, actress and singer. She’s another african american who is in the new movie “Sparkle” with Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston. But Tika, is a dark skin african american and I always get happy to see a dark skin woman doing her thing. Not to say against light skin women doing their thing but I think theres a bias especially in the african american culture that dark skin women are ugly and there’s a dislike so I just become joyful and happy. Tika is doing her thing and along with Gabby, I’m proud of both of them truly! Dreams are meant to come true ❤ Also I’ve been thinking about getting into plus size modeling…becoming the next plus size woman to grace cover girl is a goal of mine thanks to QUEEN LATIFAH! Truly inspiration coming from these three woman.

I’ve decided to begin my editing sometime next month, since I’ve found someone to work with and I’m excited. I would say her name BUT I’ll wait to ask her if I can post her name on my blog. My book is my baby so I’ll take extra caution with each decision with my book and taking extra steps to be sure things will work out how I see it and beyond. I don’t do anything half way I go through with it all. I do it big and I make sure everything is done with passion! Like BOOM when I do things. Go hard or go home my motto. Until next post…Believe in your dreams, believe in YOURSELF and DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. Dreams are meant to come TRUE!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty,


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…inspiration for me and YOU!


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