The Final Good-Bye {NEW POEM}…

My heart still smiles from the thought of you

But I know I can’t be with you

I fell out of love with you last year

You said you would come up here

You never did

The empty lies just got me tired

Tired of the situation

As a whole…


I love you, I always will

But what is it worth fighting for if I’m alone?

I sit and think…

Why bother anymore? He doesn’t feel for me anymore

The more I think, I push back furthermore

Crazy, you’re the one I loved to adore

Now I just get annoyed!

Crazy how time can change things


Distance has always been a factor

With you, it would matter but then it wouldn’t

For me it never was a big deal

I knew where my heart was and how I felt being next to you

But when sex came to mind, distance quickly became the factor

All I kew was when we did finally come together that distance

Would no longer matter

Absence makes the heart grows fonder


I’ve chose to end things for me

Holding on became too much

Watching your tweets and statuses

Checking out your new pictures

Yeah made me feel some kind of way…

I’m not sure if this is forever

But I know until another time comes

I’m on my feet and have spreaded my wings

I needed to let you go so this for is

The Final Good-Bye ❤


Written: August 13th, 2012




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