Update {August 13th, 2012}…

Hello my loves,

It’s really early like 2:18am but I had to make a post at this important moment of my book journey, I just submitted my submission to choose an editor for my book and its a feeling I can’t explain! Outside of my friend who has helped me prep this manuscript for the editor I haven’t had any outside help and this is a passion of mine and a journey I’ve been on for almost 3 years coming up in December. Hopefully in a few days I’ll have an editor and the process shall begin soon as possible. I’ve been anticipating this for awhile and I’ve been going crazy to get everything together from the final draft, pictures and word count together for the submission. I have a few ideas for the layout, book cover and picture placement so I’m excited to get everything going. I pray by Thanksgiving or before the manuscript will  be edited completely because honestly it’s pretty good from what I see but I’m not a professional, lol. But I love what I have thus far and I’m just really ready to get this book off the ground because next year I would like to get into looking for an agent and focusing on the layout of the book and the overall design. Everything from the cover, sleeves of the book, bookmarks, color, pictures and everything I want to be hands on. This is my baby and I’m just all in. Can’t really explain how I feel right now besides joyful! Keep me in your prayers and remember DREAM BIG ❤

Love, Peace && Honesty!!!,



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