Beautiful Mistake…{OLD POEM} one of my favorites…


Beautiful Mistake

I wasn’t suppose to feel this way about you

All I wanted was a friendship

Day by day things changed

Good morning texts

Mid day “I miss you’s”

Late night “I Love You’s”

Getting to know you has been such a pleasure

Being in love with you is more than I could of ever asked

When I looked into your eyes I see who I fell in love with

You captured my heart by your caring soul

I couldn’t ask for more from you, just be closer

What we have I’ll always treasure

This distance has become the prime issue

Funny that’s why we tried not to get into a relationship

Once the feelings got involved, it was a wrap

Now trying to block my feelings is what must I do

Nobody understands this

I guess that’s what so special about me and you!

The level in my eyes

You are on is my superman

Because of you, I know it is possible to cross paths with love again

Before you I didn’t believe I could have again

That’s why you’re my superman

That’s a hard level to get to in my world

That’s why your love makes me feel like

I’m that lucky girl

I know I can’t put my life on hold for you

That’s why I got a special place in my heart for you

Not too many got that

If we come together again, I’m ready to show you what love truly is

You deserve love just like I

Love is what I’m hoping you’ll find with someone “worthy” of your heart

We weren’t planned but we just happened

Finding love with you has been a roller coaster

But I’d do it all over

I don’t regret ANYTHING

You’ve hurt me but that’s a risk you take when falling in love

And with that I’ll just call you my beautiful mistake


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