Random Post {August 6th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!,

I wanted to write something tonight because my mind is becoming heavy once again. Kind of just feel much pressure to do things because of money situations but I’m doing the best I can to get things done. Work has been giving me more hours but they getting light this week, not sure why. Tomorrow I’m suppose to be getting the manuscript so I pray that goes well just tryna get things all lined up for an editor. I’m ready to get things going with the book already, lol. So I’ll be sending a submission in about the manuscript to inquire about an editor hoping to get an amazing editor to enhance my book and bring it to the level I see it but not change the message I’m trying to put forth. I’m very straight forward and raw with my poetry that’s how I want my poetry to be. There’s too much sugar coating with life and not enough people being real when reality ain’t sweet nor a dream. Be real with yourself and those around you. Only the strong is built to survive and I understand that more and more as I go through life.

If you have a dream please believe you must put in work to get what you dream. I can honestly say that I have dreams and that I don’t expect nobody to give me anything. I expect failure and to hustle to get where I see myself. There’s many who don’t want me to do well but it’s not a choice  I already claim this in my heart, my mind, my body and my soul. I’m not doing this just for myself like I always say it’s bigger than me. My passion is my drive for everything I do in my life, I pray to just work for myself and do what I love to do things I’ve always wanted to do. Dreams are meant to come true which ever way you look at it and you gotta really believe in your dream. If you have a dream you have to stand on that, I have FAITH so I do tell anyone/everyone that you believe in a HIGHER being. Having that belief within God or a higher being it just gives you a comfort or some protection in your HEART. Don’t allow someone to discourage you from your dreams or mislead you. Make sure what your doing is genuine, real and believe.


I posted two poems and they are both new poems. So I hope everyone enjoy the poems and I’ve been working on them for awhile. They been in my head for awhile I was happy to get them written. Enjoy ❤


Love, Peace and Honesty,



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