love me some Beyonce!

Attempted Amusement

I have a lot of theories about the workings and happenings of the universe and my life. Numero Uno on that list is that people go to grad school because they hope that if they prolong their time in school, they’ll eventually get that belated letter from Hogwarts. Number Two is that my mother will never learn that the grocery store Hy-Vee is not pronounced “HIV”. Number Three is that everybody wants to be Beyonce.

I want to be Beyonce. I’m fairly confident in the assertion that most people who know who Beyonce is want to be her. Everyone else is in denial. I don’t care who you are–your next door neighbor in the high-waters wants to be Beyonce. Mitt Romney wants to be Beyonce. My dog wants to be Beyonce.

Everybody wants to be Beyonce. 

Now, if you’re one of those individuals I spoke of  who might be saying…

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