Time To Get Gone…{NEW POEM}

Time to Get Gone

Everybody’s love has a limit
When your mate keeps pushing you
Your heart can get lost all up in it
Sometimes the love fades
The relationship itself becomes insane
But who is to blame?
Does it make you feel a shame?
When it gets to a point your not yourself anymore
It’s time to make some changes
It’s time to get gone

When you love hard
To a point you lose yourself in that one
To a point where your dreams become a back burner
You officially have lost who you are
Your dreams are meant to be lived
Its not just a dream
Once you get rid of the negative energy your life will begin
When your free from that situation
You will learn that
Everything is not what it seems

The only one that can win is YOU
In order for that to happen you got to focus on YOU
Negativity is not worth it
Positivity makes you happy
When you surround yourself with chaos
It weighs you down
There’s nothing to big to solve for God
Put the situation in his hands
Stand on your FAITH and know its
Time to Get Gone


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