Update {July 30th, 2012}….

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

Another month has flew by, crazy how the summer is just flying past. But so much has happened in so little time! The manuscript for the book is being prepared for an professional editor and next month will be sent to the editor of my choice. Exciting I tell you! My aim is to have editing be from September to December/January so that next year I can begin looking for an agent to prepare for a publisher. Platform is the BIGGEST focus right now so I’m looking into every networking site and social networking to expand my brand and gain a stronger reader base. Hard work I tell you!!!! But it’s worth it at the end of the day. The past few days I’ve been thinking of ways to make my book stand out against the rest and just turn non-readers into readers. I think the biggest thing for people who don’t read is the fact that it’s not entertaining or it’s just too many words for them, lol. So I want to put in imagery and visuals to add a flare to my book plus the layout of my poems I want to stand out. I think I can spice my book up in many forms beginning with the layout. This book shall take me on a journey and I’m prepared for all the bumbs in the road. I expect failure and to not gain everyones interest but I do know I’ll keep pushing forward regardless of anyone’s negativity and to bounce back from all setbacks. Failure and setbacks are all apart of success so I’m there already…ready to look failure in the eyes and kick it’s ass! Lol…I must think like that to get ahead and make the moves as I see fit.

Below I have some pictures of my journey thus far, a friend of mine told me I should document my journey and show how far I’ve come in this thing. I’ve been working on this book since December 29th, 2010, I finished the manuscript on December 15th, 2011 so it took me like almost a year to complete the whole manuscript. I began my own editing on February 17th, 2012 and I’m still on this book journey not giving up for NOTHING OR NOBODY!!!! I plan to do things BIG with this book and impact many lives in the mix. Over this past weekend I’ve written a prayer for the book and a letter to my loves…my readers. I think it’s important to let people know who really matters in this whole thing that’s those who read my material and are influenced by my words. So it’s not just about me and my own ideas but it’s also about opening up dialogue and discussing things people are afraid too in order to move towards the future you must confront your past. That’s just how I feel. I have and it’s been great every since so I recommend that people do so if they truly want to move forward with their lives. I hope you guys enjoyed my poems I posted this past Friday. I am working on new poems to post. I will post them soon as they are finished, I promise. The support has been amazing, love it!!!!! BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. DREAMS ARE MEANT TO COME TRUE ❤ 



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  1. Kevinia · July 30, 2012

    Very nice. Keep it going, sky is the limit! 🙂

  2. dreya07 · July 30, 2012

    Thank you Kevinia!!!!!!

  3. Writing Jobs · July 30, 2012

    That was another excellent post today. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Have a wonderful day!

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