Where I Want To Be {OLD POEM}…

Where I Want To  Be

 I’ve been told I wouldn’t make it far

I’ve been looked at differently because of my skin

I’m past those parts of my life

I love my skin and my body

Embracing who I am and proud of it

It was the best moment in my life

Getting to this point has been a journey

But the next milestones in my life are even harder

Establishing myself on another level as a

Singer, writer and a designer

Working for a company as a designer

Releasing my books as a writer

Becoming the singer I’ve always dreamed

These three areas of my life, it’s where I shine

God gave me my talents

I intend on sharing them with the world

My passions cleanse me

I become live and a whole as a person

My heart becomes a piece of my art

I have a connection with music that’s unexplainable

That’s my 1st love and where I want to be

Music is where I feel the most free

 This place I see myself will set me for life

Living the lifestyle I dream

Top notch glamour chick

Living comfortable, my dream house and everything else

Anything and everything I ever wanted

I won’t have to ask or struggle to get

I got the money, I can get it

It’ll be easy to get

Besides my lifestyle

I’ll be in his arms finally

When I look in his eyes. I’m looking into pure love

His eyes will speak to my soul

Loving him will be easy to do

He’ll love me through my highs and my deepest lows

Being in his presence will be amazing

I’m his everything and he’ll be mine in return

 I’m not like most females

I’ve never tried too

Life is something I value

God is the creator of my life

HE heals my wounds and he helps me through my struggles

HE gives me eternal love; no boy or man can compare

Living this life

Has made me see where I want to be


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