On Something New {OLD POEM}…

On Something New

I don’t feel the same

I’m on another level than others

I’m not meant to be like “everyone”

I know I’m somebody

It’s time to prove people wrong

Time to shut people up

It’s time to open people’s eyes

Get on something new

Let’s not just “talk” about moves

Let’s not just “dream” of dreams

Put your mouth where your money is

Do what you said you would

Stop changing your mind and get your shit together

Nobody will give you anything

Time waits for nobody

Get on something new

This world and society is money hungry

Finding people who truly care is hard to find

If your good at something or have aspirations

Go for what makes you happy

Don’t let fear, family or friends even a spouse

Discourage your passion

Nine out of ten they gonna still do them

Get on something new

 I’m in a new state of mind

My tolerance level isn’t as low

If your not on my level; you gots to go

I got too much to do and money to get

My dreams will be my reality

I refuse it to be anyway else

People will always talk but hey that’s them

I’m on something new



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