Love, Peace && Honesty…{POEM}!

Love, Peace and Honesty

Three words that I live by

Three words that I hold closest to me

Very strong, powerful and positive meanings

As well as to each individual defines differently

But all can bring people together at the same time

Although each of us hold opposite meanings

Love; a strong affection for another person

It’s one word with many sides

Make or break a relationship even a friendship

But in order to hold true meaning

Has to be a genuine emotion to begin with

One crazy emotion, very dangerous at times

Peace; freedom from war or disorder

Our world would be quite better if we had a little of it

When having a peace of mind

You find that you can shine

We get crazy with each other

But, peace brings all of that together

Honesty; sincere, truthful, genuine

The word I respect the most

Without it nothing has any meaning

It’s a breakthrough for any relationship

It’s need to make progress in general

But most can’t even handle

Love, Peace and Honesty

They compliment each other

Without love you have no peace without peace there’s no honesty

My life is complete with these words

It takes a lot to achieve all three

But it’s nothing to me because I’ve been dealing with all three my whole


Love, Peace && Honesty!


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