Courage…{OLD POEM}


The hardest challenges in our lives

Believe it or not makes us stronger

Our hearts, our mind and most definitely our skin

The most important thing to remember is


The road to your destiny will not be smooth

But the victory will be worth it all

Smile when it hurts

Keep pushing regardless how heavy the load

Remember God is for you

Whatever that won’t kill you, makes you stronger

It’s only a test of your strength

Everything that happens; happens for a reason

Don’t let what happened in your past or even happening in your present discourage you

That inner strength will carry you a long way

There’s nothing like perseverance

Only you can control your dreams

Dreams are meant to come true

Nobody said it will be easy

Success takes work

Expect to have hard times

Not everyone will believe in you

You must believe in you

Stand your ground let your light shine

And have courage


One comment

  1. Peter Ashley · August 9, 2012

    I like this. Please see the post about courage on my website.
    Love and Light

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