Update…{July 25th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers!!,

Missed you guys since last post. Of course I’ve been busy as usual, trying to make as many moves as I can to get things off the ground. I’m still on my weight loss journey as well, I have a visual too so that you guys can see the results too, going VERY well for me. My whole appetite has changed and I don’t crave sweets as much as I use too. My body feels amazing and I just want to keep the momentum going so that I can gain the results I am craving to have. Weight hasn’t big to me because I’ve been comfortable with who I am but it had got to a point I felt it changing my body for the worse and my health is everything plus there’s so much I’m aiming to do within the next two to three years so I need to step my game up and get on point with my health. I also want to just the breakthrough I know in my heart I know I deserve without the pressure from a guy or anyone else. All of this has stemmed from my own motivation and the need to get my health on track plus wanting to change my eating habits. I want a husband and kids so I have to be in the best shape of my life to gain the life I deserve. Not saying you can’t be a plus size woman and have a family but I want to be able to grow old without the health issues that comes with being obese. In my family I see a lot because my family has high blood pressure, diabetes and etc so I’m trying to dodge all of that. It’s a great feeling to be on this journey and be so positive. I just can’t wait to say I did it by myself and want to change my whole style. I’m a woman growing and I want that to show in all aspects of my life. It’s coming just watch… CONGRATS TO JORDIN SPARKS WHO LOOKS AMAZING!!!! 60 POUNDS LOST!!!!!!

Okay! So the book is with my friend helping me prep the book to send off to the editor I want and it’s exciting to see all of this fall into place. August will be a big month for me and my book will be the biggest move for me during August. My energy is all into my branding as a writer, poet and a designer. I’m just pushing hard as I can. Thank you guys for the support!!! To my new readers and followers it means more than you know to see the feedback and thoughts on my work. Yes I know I keep saying I’m working on new material but I am working on new poems. I don’t post work unless its complete. Poetry is more than just the poem itself, it’s coming from within me so it has to sound right and flow correctly to myself. The book is gaining attention and I’m happy it is because it’s my baby. My brand will gain momentum as I push forward because I am going to accomplish all that I dream and then some. Settling just is not an option. I’m excited to work on the layout, pictures and cover for the book. The small details I want to speak loudly. I want to include things with my book that don’t normally come with a book so my book stands out. I’m a graphic designer so its important for me to have both worlds speak volumes through out my book. Exciting…

I was on my favorite website concreteloop.com and necolebitchie.com both who have blogs that I follow and see the ladies are out in full force doing they thing! Pictures shall be posted below, JoJo looks great so does the rapper EVE! I really miss Eve, she needs to hurry up with that album, lol. I enjoy seeing woman doing they thing, living their dream and working hard because I’m trying to turn my dreams into my reality not many can do that. Tariji Henson and LaLa Anthony look wonderful all dolled up and glamourous. Janet Jackson looks GORGEOUS and happy as well. Seeing them motivates me and that’s what I like about empowerment it’s building each other up instead of tearing each other down. It’s hard work that goes into achieving a dream so I support anyone willing to work to get their dreams achieved and have a true talent. I know I will live my dreams one day. It’s a good feeling with my book coming together so I know once I get in the door it will pay off all this hard work. I know to get where I dream MORE work has to go into each venture I’m trying to pursue. But I enjoy working hard to get what I deserve, hard work is something that at the end because a beautiful work ethic. I’ve been out of school for a year and some change so I’m trying to find my way to the success I deserve, not finding a full time job in my field has blown me but I can’t allow that to get me down when I have other skills that I can get paid for and achieve other dreams I do have. I can always do freelance plus my own work. Next week I will try to have two or three poems ready to post. Stay focused you guys!! DREAM BIG. DREAMS ARE MEANT TO BE LIVED AND KEEP PUSHING.



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* FIRST PICTURE IS OF ME…WEIGHT LOSS* more to come soon…


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