Random Post {July 18th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

Ahhh today has been refreshing to say the least, I’ve been trying to stay productive through out the day and try to stick to achieving my goals to accomplish my dreams as a whole. I’m gathering photos for my book and have heard my friend has received my hard copy of my book. My book is my everything right now and my weight as well too. I’m still in the mindset that I’m on a detox, lol, weird. But it makes me want to eat correctly and not go back to the old eating habits I’m use too. Losing weight also encourages me to continue eating healthy and not to get back tracked. I’m very motivated at this time just to do right and don’t allow anything/anyone to discourage me along my journey. As I was going through pictures and talking to my friend who is helping my prep the final version to send to the professional editor has made me realize how much this is becoming a real thing. When a dream is blossoming and becoming real it’s a feeling that I can not explain through words at all. Only I have had the key to drive this book to where it is and how far I see it. I promise you this book is no out of the blue kind of thing. Everything from when I was in the 5th grade…my teacher telling me to write a book, discovering my passion for writing, my love for poetry and the support behind my dream just all makes sense of why I’m going as hard as I am. I expect to be rejected more than a few times once I look for a publisher but I’m determined to just do my thing one way or the other. Building my platform and becoming known to people is my focus from now on. So if I’m blogging more than usual its all apart of me trying to build my platform and gain a audience. Dreams are meant to come true and I whole heatedly believe that. I shall keep you guys posted as I push through my the pursuit of my dreams.

My love has debuted her baby girl “BLUE IVY”, she’s gorgeous. I can see Beyonce and Jay within her especially her eyes and her cheeks.I’m glad she reviled Blue when she wanted and didn’t do it out of force. But I also have pictures from Evelyn’s wedding and a picture of Rihanna. I’m into the celebrities and the media. I don’t bash them I just support the ones I like. I’m not a negative person so I just spread the love where I see fit. I always try to see the good in a person other than jumping down their throat or pointing out the wrongs instead of positives. Nobody is perfect so for someone to judge another person as if their perfect is dumb to me. Everyone sins and even when we don’t want too we do. That’s just what it is. Celebrities just have a talent, money or have done something crazy to be a celebrity lol won’t say no names of who I’m talking about but for one reason or the other their famous. Being in the spotlight is not easy and thats why I said if I ever got limelight or became famous I’d stay humble because at one point in life I was like everyone else and once you become a star the only difference is you are in the spotlight that don’t mean change as a person overall. I’m about empowerment so I don’t like any kind of bringing another person down or calling them out they name. It’s not called for. The wonderful Solange has graced us with another banging photo and she’s beautiful.

I’m growing still as a person, a woman, a poet, a writer and everything else I am. I don’t want to stop learning and I don’t want to live in a box. Becoming healthy, achieving my dreams and allow God to get in my head and acknowledge him for giving me the TALENTS to do what I do is something I’m just so committed too. There’s so much in this life to see, do and be aware of I don’t want to live life half stepping so I want to get to a level in life so I can achieve anything I’d like, open doors, break barriers, be financially comfortable and be able to take care of mine and then some. I’m very family oriented so being able to make them proud and have their support is all I want from now and to where ever my dreams take me in life. There’s no limits to where life can take you or what you can achieve we as people stop our selves. I am currently reading Tyrese book “How to Get Out of Your Own Way”….excited about it. Please continue to support me and read my work. Thank you!!! Remember ALWAYS DREAM, BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS, DREAM BIG AND PUSH UNTIL YOUR DREAMS ARE ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!

Love, Peace and Honesty,


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P.S: Photos of my hard copy of my book and some inspiration and photos for you to enjoy!!!




  1. Fab.ddoe@gmail.com · July 18, 2012

    There is not a lot of driven people around. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • dreya07 · July 18, 2012

      Thank you!!! I’m trying!!! Come back soon and keep supporting me. =)

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