Update…{July 15th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!!,

I’ve gained like 3 followers since I last logged in, hey you guys! I get so excited when new followers come! You guys make me feel so good about my works and the direction I’m headed towards, keep giving me feedback and I promise to keep giving you great work. My aim is to keep getting followers and new readers because I need all the readers I can get, lol. I think my poems and post are relatable and people enjoy the fact that I write about how I feel and things I go through, see and want because people can relate in one way or the other. It goes the same way with my book so people can enjoy it, ya know? I love hearing “You inspire me, you helped me overcome this or that and just a positive impact on someones life.” Its a great feeling knowing people took a positive thing away from my work or poem. I truly get a warm heart and a smile comes to my face when someone says that.

Last week I printed out my book thus far so a friend of mine who is an amazing writer and editor can help me prep it to send off next month to a professional editor. It’s exciting to see a hard copy in front of my very own eyes. I was filled with joy and excitement when I seen it. Nobody else helped me write the book, it came from my life experiences, my heart and things I felt deep inside. God gave me a talent with words and able to connect with myself so I can create wonderful poems. I’ve been writing poems since I was 13/14 years old and I been keeping a diary since I was 10/11 years old. I didn’t know back then I would be creating a book and have a platform to become an author. It’s amazing to me how God has helped me see what I’m capable of when I’m devoted, dedicated and motivated to an idea. Its a feeling I can’t explain because I’ve been through so much and I was able to put it all in my book with tears and willingness to move forward. I left these painful past experiences in the past after creating my manuscript and I just want to reach out to those who struggle everyday with the same or similar issues. I’ve saved a picture of the printed version of the book, below it will be shown.

This month I’m aiming to launch a few things like I said prior and I’m working VERY VERY hard to give everyone a sight to see and prove when you put your mind to something ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!! DREAM BIG, STAY TRUE TO YOUR DREAMS and KEEP PUSHING TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS!!!!

Love, Peace && Honesty!!,




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