Random Post {July 11th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers!,

I just posted a new poem written a few weeks ago, I hope you guys get to check it out. Its the post below this one. But I just wanted to chime in with you guys and keep everyone updated with my world. I’m actively trying to get this book off the ground, slowly in the process of editing. Next month I will be sending the manuscript off to an PROFESSIONAL EDITOR, very excited. Couldn’t be more excited than I am to take this book to the levels I see it to be. I have a tough hill to climb but I believe with all my heart that I’m telling my story to a generation which needs the most love and lending hand. I have this passion just to help people become a better self and with my book not only am I trying to have others gain from my experiences to become stronger, learn from my experiences, have a breakthrough but I’m able to voice my opinion on society the heartache, pain, tears, stupidity, anger and issues woman, people and us as a whole face day by day. Alongside all that I’m finally telling my story, my pain, my heartache, my testimony and able to let each person who came across my path and literally caused me pain. Not many are able to voice their hurt or stand up for themselves, in my poems and through this book I am telling people you hurt me, this is what you did, I didn’t understand then but I’m better now! As I grow as a  woman, person and a writer I have grown a significant amount and it shows within my book.

This month I’m working on so many things along with my weight loss journey which I’m excited about these days because its going so well for me. But I’m trying to work on a official website for everyone to see because I need that as I build my brand as a business. As a brand you must stand out from the rest. I’ve also revamped my graphic design website, I will also launch two brand new ventures in the coming weeks. VERY SOON I WILL HAVE LINKS TO EVERYTHING once I complete everything. I’m not in the best situation and I have very big dreams as a woman and I’m just making the best out of what I have. I have more than most could ask but we all have things we struggle with and need in order to advance and get the lifestyle we crave. I’m trying to get more material for you guys because there’s so much going on in my head everyday and I’m trying oh so very hard to voice things I feel people are afraid too. I’m a writer and I write with emotion to connect with people. I don’t front or lie to make it feel right I just speak from my heart, my life and my experiences. Its all real. SOME poems have imagination but majority of my work is all based off my life. I am actively working on collecting pictures for my book and once the editing is began I will then focus on the cover of the book and format/layout. I’m so happy to see things fall into place and things come to life after a struggle I’ve had in the past. You guys inspire me, life inspires me and my drive inspires me to keep going, do what’s right and make sure GOD stays first. I can not explain right now in my life how much GOD is working on me and with me. If you once had a relationship with GOD and you feel he won’t accept you or don’t love you…YOU ARE WRONG. You are GOD’s child until the day HE calls you home. Take it day by day and gain that RELATIONSHIP BACK! God heals, God saves and God will help you if you trust him. I’m right now trying to just put everything in his hands. But trust me I know God loves you because he died for each of our sins!

I will be posting very soon, I just had to fill everyone in on where I am. New Poems are in the works. One thing I want to say is…forgive. There are too many people walking around here with broken hearts, grudges, pain and hurt. As long as you don’t forgive you won’t be able to let go, move on or learn how it feels to be completely free. I have forgiven every person who has EVER done me wrong in my life. Its not worth crying over every night, holding on your conscience or the grudge over all. LET IT GO, if you messed up tell that person you messed up nobody is perfect, if you miss someone tell them and just learn how to FORGIVE. Its a lot better when you just let it go and see where it goes. I’m so relieved from the pain from my past even guys who have hurt me I’m just done with them. I deserve the best man, I’ve cried too many times and been mistreated by people who didn’t even deserve my time but I loved them or liked them so I felt I needed them in my life. Not everyone we love is meant to be in our lives and sometimes you must love from a distance. The heart is wounded by so many things and the more you hold onto the heavier it will become. MY HEART IS SO FREE RIGHT NOW!!! Lol it feels so good. I wish every person could feel the way I do, I can smile genuinely. Forgive and PRAY on the situation. It’s worth it. Alright my loves, keep dreaming, DREAM BIG, be motivated and NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. DREAMS ARE MEANT TO BE REAL….LIVE OUT YOUR DREAMS…make them your reality. 

Love, Peace && Honesty,






  1. Kevinia · July 11, 2012

    I may not comment much but I do read most of your posts. You’re doing great! Keep it up! 🙂

    • dreya07 · July 11, 2012

      I appreciate it Kevinia! A LOT!!!

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