Update {July 2, 2012}…

Hey my loves aka MY READERS!!!,

We are now into JULY!!!! This month my focus is very SHARP, it feels right to just take things to another level and just going in! My mind is all about my brand far as becoming a business where everything I do is under my name, known as my BRAND. Its all about my talent, my skills, my appearance and ME. Its a transitioning summer for me and I’m ready to KICK BUTT. I’m dedicated to this full heartedly and I want to build my empire on my terms doing things I LOVE. My heart is in the right space finally where my heart has finally let go of things and feels to have my heart back. I can say I know what I want now I just have to get it, thats the hard part, lol! Positivity is my motivation and becoming the woman I know I can be. It’s a lot of work to get to the level of success I’m hungry for but I know I about to get to that. There’s no limits to what I can do if I put my mind to it. My aim is just to get this book off the ground and make the moves that I got in my head, I’m trying to work on my creativity and my skills at the same time. Focusing on me as a graphic designer and a poet. There’s so much that I’m itching to do in my life to expand my platform and gain exposure. I know I must crawl before I walk so that’s what I’m going to do. What I will say is this month I will be grind ing like no other and looking to create a few things by the end of the month make even more changes.

Last night was the biggest night in AFICAN AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT…the BET AWARDS {Black Entertainment Television}. It was beautiful to see so many artist their and the performances were good. Many celebrities were in the building and from the looks of it many were coupled up. I love my black people and I support them in any way that I can. Many of theses artist make their money for their families and themselves from their music so you gotta respect it at the end of the day. HIP-HOP is a lifestyle and thats what many don’t understand and its not all pretty because most of these artist come from hard lives and poverty. I grew up in New York, born in the Bronx so I know what they talking about in their music, not everything but majority I know the terms and lyrics. Many look down on the industry but I grew up with HIP-HOP and my first love is SINGING so R&B is a genre that I love with a passion so I’m close knit with BET. I was in two singing groups so I know all about the industry from an outside perspective, would I like to pursue an singing career, MAYBE. If the opportunity comes why not? Its a passion of mine. So below I have pictures from “CONCRETELOOP”! Enjoy these pictures!

This month I will be dropping a few things to create opportunities for my BRAND and my CAREER(S) so be on the look out. I will link everything to this blog so you guys can follow me along my journey. I will be dropping a few poems too, new ones and old ones. Please tell your friends ad families about me, I love new readers! I love you guys!!! Muah my loves!!!!!




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