Random Post {INSPIRATION POST…June 29th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

I wanted to share some of where I am right now in life and kind of inspire anyone going through a runt. Um the past 5 months I can honestly say has been VERY ROUGH for me. On January 23, 2012 I was in a terrible accident but God seen me through it and I’m fine, I haven’t found a full-time job within graphic design, I haven’t been happy with my appearance and just been in a bad place for almost 6 months. So last month in May I believe I was listening to Steve Harvey who my whole family loves and I heard him talking to JJ Smith. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you have seen her book on my blog Lose Weight: Without Dieting or Working Out. But she’s a nutritionist and a certified weight-management expert. For me she breaks everything down so that I’m able to understand how to lose weight in a way that works. The system I’m on and she discuss is called the D.E.M System Detox, Eat and Move system. Wonderful system right now I’m on my 19th day and I’m really enjoying the detox phase. I’m about to move into the Eat/Move phase. Honestly within the past week I’ve just added the MOVE part because working out I have to gradually get into so I’m beginning with working out on wii. I’ve seen results with the detox, using supplements to help curb my appetite and changing my eating habits. Its been worth everything and then some for me. I’m happy to say within the past two months I’ve lost 12 pounds. Going into July I am focused even more to get to my ideal weight and I’m learning what foods helps guide you to lose weight and which foods makes us fat. It’s very empowering, knowledgeable and inspiring when your making a lifestyle change. I feel like thats what I’m doing, working towards and accepted…I need a lifestyle change. I began to lose weight back in 2009 and I got smacked in the face with bad new then fell off up until mid last month. The detox opened my eyes up to so much in my life that needed closure, fixing and what I needed. It really has changed my life.

I battled weight for a very long time just like any other female always feeling like I can change this or that. My first boyfriend made me feel beautiful and after him going in and out my life I struggled to feel beautiful so it was like he gave me validation to be/feel beautiful. So I have looked for guys for validation in my past for beauty. But after him I have had several guys tell me I’m beautiful and in the 7 years of being single I’ve learned on my own that I’m a pretty bad ass chick, lol. I found my own validation and my own self love. Much of this is spoken upon in my book that I’m pushing to publish by 2014. I feel more motivated than ever to move forward in my life. I’ve been holding onto things in my past that I pushed way back into my brain and recently realized I just need to let it go. So thats where I am in life. Stress is not good for us as humans and people die from stress so I’m focusing on making the best out of my situation and my dreams. I have many talents but I know I dwell sometimes on things, situations and people. Plus I don’t like to let go of people I feel are good for me and I want to help them, its who I am so its hard. But I’m at a place now where I have to do something for me, step my game up and take back control for me. I have a bubbly personality, I like to socialize with people, I love my family/friends and I’ve found a better me within my relationship with GOD. Thankfully reading the BIBLE and my own desire to become better I’ve gained a better relationship with myself.

Far as guys they come to me all the time and sometimes not always in the best manner. Which I dislike because I’m classy. I don’t do bumbs so its like I shoot them down quick as they approach me and this s not to be like stuck up but I’ve been through so much in my past and in different situations that I can tell you exactly what I want with guys and coming at me in a disrespectful manner or negative I just won’t tolerate, point, blank and period. No settling that goes for my life overall with my education, career(s), relationship(s) and friendship(s). I’m not one to settle never have and I never will. My mom taught me that very young and I’ve always believed I deserve the best out of life regardless how many times I fall. I’m told all the time I inspire people and my aim out of life is to continue to do so because when I was young around 12/13 I could’t imagine inspiring anybody, lol. Not being who I was or how I felt about myself so its humbling and a honor when people tell me I inspire them. Currently my focus is losing this weight, changing my style, advancing in life with what I DO have and enjoying life. I’m trying this summer to do more reading so I;m finishing up JJ Smith’s book, beginning again Steve Harvey’s “Act Like A Lady; Think Like A Man”, finishing Antonia Wright’s “Priceless Inspirations”, hoping to get to Tyrese book “How to Get Out Of Your Own Way” and I know Ms. Ledisi has a book so those five books are my readings for this summer. I am planning to launch a few things this summer,  will be very busy building my platform. Make sure you guys support me through out this journey I’m embarking on because I believe its my time. I believe its your time too. Go get that blessing and SHINE. Don’t give up your dreams, move forward, LET GO && LET GOD. Keep HIM first…be blessed.




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