Random Post {June 27th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

I’ve been trying to live life to be able to have good post because I don’t want to have empty post just repeating myself in each post. So I’m going to post probably once a week or whenever new things happen or I have great news to share with my loves, you guys! Great news I’m on day 17 with my detox, its going great. I can say that I’ve lost a total of 7.2 pounds during this detox. So I will be extending my detox a little more or just keep certain things and tweak it so that I’m able to balance out my cravings lol. 21 days is a long time but I can say its working for real and my body is enjoying this new change so I’m gaining a new way to eat and a new me at the same time. It was hard at first but gradually I can say I’ve learned that eating healthy is really not that bad. You can still be able to eat delicious foods which don’t make you fat but helps burn fat all in one. So I recommend this book and detox to everyone, it’ll change your life. With the detox I’ve also learned I need closure in certain areas of my life with certain people from my present/past. I’ve been doing so much soul searching, growing and reading along with my detox I just realized many things. So this summer I’m opening up a new me and new beginnings to close old chapters of my life I FEEL AMAZING about my decisions and I couldn’t be more happy about my life. Making the right decisions for myself and being more aware of what I want helps me make better choices in my life overall. I’m just trying to grow on my own to spread my wings, become the woman I see in my head and work towards a healthier me as a woman, business woman and that includes my relations/relationships and friendships. SO I’m just really stepping into A NEW ME.

 Okay, next on my talk about list…females in the industry. I’m strong on empowerment so I want to talk bout females I feel show empowerment for woman. Not just being a woman in the business making moves but making it okay for us as woman to be business partners, own our own business, be in charge of our careers, be a mother, feel sexy and just be an all around top notch woman at all aspects. I think in this generation its a big problem with woman being jealous of each other, being lazy when it comes to making moves towards what we want IN LIFE and allowing fear to control much of what we do. We get comfortable with our everyday lives and don’t get into CHANGE as much as we should. Don’t be afraid of change in order to become a better YOU, achieve your dreams and just learn new things. Take on challenges and show people you can do it regardless what they think. Instead of tearing one another down lets try to stand together as woman and taking up for each other. Don’t hold grudges, let GO of the past and one forwards. Heal the relationships you wish to do so and end the chapters that are weighing you down as a person, its unhealthy. Let it go. Smile more often and cry, it’s okay to cry sometimes when you hold back on a everyday basis. First my girl Trina is back on the scene ready to claim her throne as the “BADDEST B*TCH” and I’m excited to hear her new music, its been awhile. I love Trina and Ms. Rihanna got new photos in London rocking denim head to toe. Also I saw this picture on LaLa’s blog site with Kelly Rowland, Kim K and LaLa. All of these woman have their own business ventures and I like woman who make moves regardless what people say. Opinions will be made regardless of what you do and I’ve stopped trying to please everyone because nobody lives my life but myself so therefore I can’t do what others want me do and care about the opinions of others. Only few opinions matter to me. I value my  families and friends opinions to better myself as a woman, writer, poet and graphic designer. There are  many opportunities and you just have to be able, willing and open to the opportunity when its at your door. Nobody can achieve your dreams for you, they don’t know what you want out of life and when its given its not as well appreciated….GRIND, GRIND, GRIND && GRIND for your dreams. You want to be able to say “I worked for my dreams”. Believe in yourself and anything is possible. Keep God first at all times.
Its almost July! That means I’m going into an EXTREME GRIND for money, opportunities and advancement. August I have much dropping far as my brand, platform and myself. I’m excited to say I have began my websites. One for my graphic design portfolio, my brand and I started my mobile brand website. Dreya is my brand and I will be pitching out myself as a writer/poet, graphic designer, singer and begin stepping into other ventures I’m aiming to get into in the next year or two. I’m truly a hustler at the end of the day, I’m from New York so that’s a given. “Independent queen working for her throne” is my motto. It explains exactly what I’m working towards and where I am in life. Thank you to Mr. Ne-Yo! Lol I love him. I encourage anyone reading my blog to keep pushing towards your dreams, don’t allow negativity to stand in the way. Please keep supporting me and I will be posting poems VERY SOON!!!! I’m working on six new poems, I’m aiming to have a few completed by the end of the week. I began all of them within the past two weeks…they all speak to where I am at this time and its to spread positivity and inspire you guys. More good stuff coming soon! I;m building my empire slowly but surely. Watch me work!!!!

Love, Peace && Honesty!!!!,



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