Random Post {June 13th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers!,

Seems like I’m getting into a little rotation with blogging now, yayyy I’m excited! I almost feel as if I’m having a conversation with you guys. I really enjoy reading the comments and thoughts on my blog. Thanks for the feedback helps me know what to post and what everyone enjoys. Well It’s day 3 of my detox and it’s been pretty smooth thus far even though I haven’t had meat (except turkey ), no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine, no starches and no alcohol. Lol you probably thinking what do you eat then? lol Well lots of fruit, veggies and oatmeal. It’s not as hard as it sounds really. But I’m still within the beginning stages so we’ll see how it goes with time, 18 more days to go. I’ve been working on my manuscript trying to get the page numbers down and just making sure it’s what I want before sending it to an actual editor. I must get professional editing done to my book. It’s much work remind you this is two years already in the makings of my book but good things take time so I’m just enjoy thing time to create something that’ll make history.I was talking to a friend and she asked me about my 5 year plan. I can honestly say that my plan goes beyond 5 years it goes up until I’m 30 so it’s a 8 year plan, lol. Everything in my plan has been a thought, idea or a dream since I was in middle school. A few are new things but it all goes hand and hand with my platform and what I’m working towards. My mind goes a little deeper than most and I’m looking forward to giving back.

I’ve seen some new pictures off of my favorite site which happens to be my home page concreteloop.com and I seen the beautiful Angela Simmons doing her thing trying to sell hair (virgin hair extensions) which I love woman who make moves. I like Angela because she’s hip, fun and has a great sense of style. Plus she’s beautiful! But also on the site I see Ms. Evelyn Lozada repping for her ethnicity being puerto rican and she was doing it BIG. I think that if you can get money do it but always make sure its in a light that doesn’t portray you as someone your not. I do watch Basketball Wives and I do agree it went to a point where it shouldn’t but at the same time you have to remember it’s ENTERTAINMENT and these are GROWN WOMAN. Shaunie the leader can’t control grown woman so in my eye I just think that things happen and we as humans make mistakes. In the show I believe certain women amongst the show made bad choices in a heated moment. I’m glad that Evelyn and Tami are cool with each other because they have similar personalities and things in common. I like all of the ladies except Kenya. She is just blah, lol didn’t make sense to me. I think she tried too hard on the show and wasn’t her own person. If she brought more of herself so we the audience could feel her out to be “KENYA” then I may take to her better but we’ll see, maybe she’s return next season maybe not. As woman I feel very strong we need more empowerment to be woman, to be strong, to be sexy and just to be allowed to explore whatever we put our minds too. I don’t believe in limitations at all because when you do put limits on things you live in a box. You don’t grow as much and you just kinda go with the flow of life and live day by day without purpose. If you’re a woman reading my blog please know that we must stand together and pull each other up when we see each other fall.

I’ve been asked to be a guest speaker, I’m not sure if I posted this last blog but it’s an empowering event. It’s my second time being asked to be a speaker for anything so I’m honored and humbled to be asked or thought of to be asked. I want my speech to hit home and empower someone to break a cycle, gain their self back, let go of a terrible situation they can’t control and just to let them know you can do whatever in this life long as you put God first and keep pushing. There will always be people to throw shade at you and someone who is jealous. Don’t allow that to block your blessings, surround yourself with people who are positive, encouraging and loves you at the end of the day. Know yourself, love yourself and stay true to yourself and you will see what you want in life. I promise you that. From experience and mistakes I can guarantee that God put us in situations to test us, make us stronger, learn and grow. Keep dreaming, don’t set limitations on you life/dreams and keep reading my blog! Thanks for reading and supporting!!!!!!!!




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