June 11th, 2012 {Update}…

Hello my loves aka my readers!,

Oh my gosh I first want to say that I logged into my blog and received so many comments on my last post! I enjoyed the comments and the feedback. And to those who are book marking my site THANK YOU!!!!!! I love new people and readers. There’s always something new going on in my life and it’s interesting to live my life, lol. But there was one person who asked about finding a writer. The best way to find a writer is through the internet and DO LOTS OF RESEARCH!!!!!!! But I was suppose to blog an update yesterday but I’m finally home from New York and it was a blast. I love my family and those I got to see while the visit. We went to an all white party and that was on a boat, cruised around Manhattan. Beautiful time. I’ll be posting pictures of the ride and boat. I’d do it again. New York is a great place to visit and live if your RICH, lol. There’s so much to do and shopping is BOMB.com lol. If you’ve never been to New York put it on your to do list. You will enjoy it very much and bring friends it’ll be even better.

Next, today is day one of my detox, it’s pretty cool. I have much temptation going on in the house because my family that brought back pizza from New York. Ugh. But I wanna get this detox out of the way so it’ll be for the next three week so July 2nd will end my detox. From there I will do something else so continue this weight loss journey. Taking on a new way to eat with a balance of the old foods I eat is my goal.I don’t eat crazy stuff and I don’t drink soda, eat fry foods or much red meat. My mom has found different ways to cook so that it’s healthy but good as well so this detox I will try more organic foods and different detoxing methods. It’s exciting but there’s so sweets that I will struggle with lol I think my reward at the end of this will be something with red velvet cuz I LOVEEEEEEE red velvet. Anyone who is trying to lose weight I wish you nothing but LUCK and stay motivated. I will be updating my blog with how my journey is going along side everything else going on. But the detox is coming from the book “Lose Weight: Without Dieting or Working Out” the system that she talks about is called the D.E.M System it’s the Detox, Eat and Move System. She touches many points that makes sense especially the toxins and what makes us fat. It makes sense whether your trying to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds it’s something that’s

beneficial for somebody. She breaks it down to understand how our bodies work and what foods help detoxify the body and what methods to eat to help detox. Detoxing is a good jump start to lose weight and that’s what I’m doing depending on my results I will do it longer just tweak it a little to balance out my old eating habits (not the bad foods or harsh food that messes up the digestive system). I will take on her way of eating because she tells you how to balance out a protein and a carb. It’s good to plan out what you will eat while detoxing and what methods you will lose so I do recommend you to plan out your foods and DETOX before losing weight it will help you along your weight lost journey to detox. So I’m excited to get to that phase. This weight about to come off for real and I’m ready!

This week I will be editing more and more to get this thing together for August plus focusing on my freelance for graphic design to build my clientele for myself. I’m trying to connect with different people to gain clients. I’m gonna grind like no other this summer for my weight loss and money I have personal goals I’m going after so hey I’ll get it right under control. Not even these minor setbacks will hold me down from what I’m aiming for. By the end of the year I’d like to be closer to my goal weight then I want to get into modeling sometime next year, I will be focusing on my body harder than I’ve ever have. My brand becoming known and people reading my blogs WORDPRESS AND TUMBLR is the goal. I’m trying to go all in to make my dreams my reality and make my vision that much clearer in my  eye view. PLEASE KEEP SUPPORTING ME AND READING THE BLOG I APPRECIATE IT VERY VERY VERY MUCH. I’m trying to post material as I write it to get feedback. My mind is always going and going to gain readers, get feedback, new material and etc. It’s all my words and my thoughts. I do this to open up dialogue about our society and I have this passion for empowering woman and making US come together instead of tearing each other down. I have been asked to talk about this Domestic Violence event to empower woman. It’s my second time being a guest speaker so I’m a little nervous but I’m going to do it. I really want to become a spokeswoman for an organization and do make up commercials and etc once my foot is in the door. I have a few great ideas to do different things to try and reach out to the youth once I’m at a position to do so. I don’t want to do one race of girls I want all races and ethnicities to reach out too.

Empowerment has been something I been big on since I figured out what I wanted to do with my words and poetry. My poems has certain poems that are just to empower people and I take much pride in my poems and I love them even my new poems. It’s not just mine once people read them and give feedback so I’m more open to criticism on my poems to make them better. I try to listen to music that empowers me and I have respect for woman and artist who enjoy to empower the people who struggle day to day with life situations. So I do listen to gospel because I grew up with it plus I listen to R&B and Hip-Hop. I don’t limit myself to certain genres of music I listen to pop music as well but my love is with R&B. I LOVE Beyonce everyone    knows that. Mary Mary are my favorite gospel group and I enjoy Rihanna very much because she does what she wants…she doesn’t allow people’s negativity or opinions to run her life. She embraces herself and her sexuality…LOVE THAT. Woman are beautiful and I love when woman embrace who they are at EVERY LEVEL physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and SEXUALLY. So woman struggle with their sexuality and don’t know how to be sexy or think its bad to even feel sexy. NO as woman it’s important to feel sexy and wanted. Now you must be careful with going overboard but it’s okay to love yourself. Whatever you are embrace it and don’t allow people to tell you different of what you think of yourself. Pick yourself up and don’t let negativity to run your life. Prove people wrong and work your ass off to achieve your dreams. MUAH my loves. I maybe posting new poems after this post, see what’s ready to post. Never stop dreaming, no dream is too BIG, work hard to play hard and show love even to your enemies.


Dreya ❤ 


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