Update…{June 4th, 2012}

Hey my loves aka my readers!,

SO MUCH GOING ON! But it’s not life unless your living it right? Let me tell you guys have been approaching me left and right. I can honestly say they aren’t much to work with. I know what I want so it’s like ugh, why did you hit me up? But hey it was worth the try, lol. Still single. But I’m going to New York Friday, SOOOOO EXCITED TO GO HOME! I miss it so much, the food and people are just great. It’s expensive but I can say that once you go to New York, no place compares. I’m going to an all white event, my first one. Hopefully the future holds more to go to because I would love to go to Diddy’s all white party. I’m also preparing for this detox. I’ve been reading Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out by JJ SMITH. I’ve been getting all my herbs and supplements. It’s going to be for 21 days and I’m excited but nervous because it’s going to be emotional. I’m stripping away all the foods I’m use too and changing my eating habits plus it will kick off this long awaited weight loss journey. I’m choosing to start Sunday because New York food is BOMB. Lol. I’m growing, learning and maturing each day. I’m trying to improve anywhere I can day by day. I have days when I do my job searches, work out days, write new poetry and I’m just trying to build a schedule so it’s balanced for everything.

I know I want a glam squad, management and etc because my vision is about to come true. Not only I can feel it but those in my circle and around me. The thing I love about those around me and in my circle…everyone tells me the truth. If it hurt me it’s not for the worst it’s to better me as a woman. I have learned how to take criticism from everyone. So I’m excited about what God tells me and I know that even if I’m unhappy sometimes there’s something better in stores for me. I have pushed back the editing thing to August to save up $$$$ so that I can get the thorough editing I need. I want to do commercial publishing because this book needs to head in that direction. This is nothing little I’m working towards, females need empowerment and wisdom to count on. All these “experts” tell you the expert way not the real life way. I’m no expert but I’ve experienced things first hand and to me that gives more credibility than someone just trying to make a dollar. I’m just saying. I know I am going against a big battle and what I face is more than me but nothing is impossible. Everyday I watch the news, online I see stories and I just shake my head. So much negative vibes, negativity and just harsh things going on. It makes me sad to be honest. Even today my heart aches for Trayvon Martin’s family. I know how it feels to lose somebody to a GUN SHOT. My cousin was taken away from us because of the ignorance and stupidity of some guys. My cousin was standing against a vehicle and got shot. He was shot in front of my other cousin. My cousin Lee lost his brother to a bullet. Gun violence is no joke. I don’t care if its black on black, white on white, white on black, hispanic to black or whatever the colors are. VIOLENCE IS WRONG. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE GUNS DON’T. Let the wrong person get the gun then you ask for trouble. It’s heart braking and I wish that it would go away. UGH. This world have some innocent people locked up and the wrong people out on the streets. So many african american men in jails for the most craziest thing but can’t seem to get other races in jail for crimes they commit. I’m just calling it as I see it. There’s too many families hurting out here. If I could bring my cousin back I would and my aunt who passed a few months after him because of my cousin dying I’d bring her back too. It just breaks my heart to think about all of this. Pray for each other. Stop killing each other. On that note, I’m done for this post. I will be blogging again Wednesday. Trying to get a little schedule going for my blog. Muah.

Love, Peace and Honesty,




  1. lovelavishlexi · June 5, 2012

    I’m so sorry to hear about your cousin. I admire what you’re doing however! And keep up the good work with your healthy lifestyle habits-I’m tryin to do the same thing! God Bless, Lexi 🙂

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