One Way Society…{NEW POEM}

It’s almost like a one way street

Except it’s our reality also known as our society

In our country we take pride in our “Freedom”

We even have people from different countries coming to live here

But do we really have freedom!? In our society?


A seventeen year old Trayvon gets killed

Walking home from the seven eleven

Hoodie on, skittles and tea in his pockets

Gets shot for looking “suspicious”

Nah it’s because he’s black


Sorry I just call it as I see it

Dude runs up on Trayvon and don’t expect for him to fight for his life

How would you feel if someone walks up on you out of the blue?

Wouldn’t you fight too?

I would. I did no harm how am I wrong?


Stand your ground? Bullshit

How bout you put Zimmerman behind bars since Trayvon can’t come back from that


Thinking about the situation all over again makes me SICK

Regardless of race why can’t we just have the same justice for everyone?

Why does it matter what color is holding the gun?


If Trayvon was the killer in the situation, he’d be locked up

But the tables turn and it’s alright to kill an teen

How messed up is that?

Not right at all

The system is not built for minorities to have justice, especially the young



Homosexuality is just as bad as being black

Can’t hold the same rights as an heterosexual married couple

That’s wrong

If you not white your suspicious

If your a homosexual you get bullied


Where does this say freedom?

Yes you can be a homosexual but you risk being killed in the mix

We got homosexual being killed, bullied, committing suicide and living double lives

All because they can’t be who they want to be without being JUDGED

It’s a cold world out here and many hold much fear


I am a Christian who sins everyday just like you

Even if your not a Christian, your not perfect

Too many are dying before there time

Unnecessary tears are being cried

Parents barring their young children, why?


Nobody wants to take the time to know each other

If you’re not the same your wrong for being what you feel inside

Our country is divided on so many topics and issues

We don’t stand together anymore

We have a one way society


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