Giving You Me…{NEW POEM}

I don’t think you see what you do to me

Without you here by my side

It’s like a tragedy

I can maintain my own two

But I gotta be real…

It’s not the same without you

Let me give you a closer view


You can go ghost for a few days

Automatically I’m in my feelings

You went like three weeks

Texting, calling, emailing & skyping me

Now your no where to be found

I’m worried of course but your not mine

So I should be fine?


No title no stress

That’s how it goes but it’s beginning to get old

I can’t pretend that this is me

When your on my line telling me you want us

How am I suppose to digest this?

What do you suggest?

I know this situation feels good


The chemistry is there

Its a wonderful time that we share

I care about you a great deal

But that alone wont seal the deal…

I can wait for a little for you to figure your side out

But this is all real baby

I’m giving you all of me


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