Random Post…{May 30th, 2012}

Hello loves aka my readers!,

I will be posting NEW POEMS soon to get feedback on them. It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote like new poems because I’ve been focused on the book I’ve kinda neglected writing new material. I’m already on ideas for a second book. I’m considering either writing a part II to the first Love, Peace and Honesty OR write a more erotica/sexual driven book. I love love love loveeeeee ZANE. She’s a writer/author who writes erotica’s VERY VERY WELL. She is part reason why I enjoy writing and using my imagination with my writings. I’ve had people read my more sexual driven material and they love it so it’s an idea. But the first go around is my introduction to my poems and just focusing on empowering. In my eyes woman should embrace their sexualities and a woman’s body is a canvas and how she works it plus treats it is art. Every woman carries themselves differently and me personally I think theirs a beauty within each woman from past to present and the future who has breathe. I don’t like to tear a woman down or make her feel she’s nothing because every woman has a worth. I’ve been down before and a little encouragement means the world. So through my poetry and how I carry myself I just use EMPOWERMENT with it all. My friends who I love dearly carry me through my hard times and I know not all woman have the same friendships or support system that I’ve been blessed with. BUT still keep pushing forward and make way for what GOD has in stores.

I have some poems which I have yet to post and I’m excited to post them. I’ve came across some looking through my poems so when I post new poetry on the 3rd I will have many poems posted for everyone to enjoy. I think it’s something for everyone. There’s a few ideas I’m working towards so that I gain readers and work on my BRAND. As usual there’s much going on in my world but this is not an update post this is an random post so I won’t go into details about what’s going on that will be next post. I am trying to get into a routine for my post. So my readers know when I post. Never expect the expected with me because I’m pretty spontaneous. Hope everyone is having a great day, positivity is KEY! Don’t lose sight of what means most to you and your heart.




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