Update {May 28th, 2012}…

Hello loves aka my readers!!,

This past weekend I’ve been thinking and debating about ALOT of things, people and situations in my life. I’m eliminating negativity and bullshit out of my life. I just can’t anymore, I’m over it completely. My head and my body can no longer tolerate people’s stupidity, ignorance and immaturity. Once you hit the age of 21 you should automatically want to mature and be somebody in life, sorry. Life is not a game it’s real in all aspects regardless how much you run from your reality it’s life. You have to take each situation and PERSON in your life who has caused you some kind of pain or headache head on…face them head on stop running from the situation and after resolving it let it go. I’m going back to the place I was at right after graduating. I wasn’t talking to nobody, minding my own business and kept it moving. Nonchalant attitude. It’s summer 2012 and I have much to get accomplished right now so it’s time to cut people out of my life and let them do them. It’s tiring to keep trying with people who don’t get it, not trying to get it but want my time, advice and opinion. I keep giving people chances who just waste my time and can’t even keep they word about coming to see my over the weekend, it’s ridiculous. Then they wonder why my guard is up, I’m done. I made a promise to myself that the next time I love, put my energy into someone and decide to settle down it will be the “ONE” imma be with the ONE I’m going to marry. All these dudes coming at me with bs, no ambition, just want sex and trying to get over on me ain’t even getting a chance, lol. I’m not the one to try that on because I will call you out, I keep mental notes of everything and I will call you on your actions when you try to get over on me. My heart will not suffer another heartache and I can’t see myself crying anymore unnecessary tears. I’m facing all my fears, letting situations go and moving on with my life. It’s not rocket science to do the right thing or be honest. The biggest things I’m big on when it comes to relationships or friendships is HONESTY and RESPECT.

Even though its summer time, I’m not losing sight of my goals. Yeah I want to have fun and do things with my girls but I still need a full time job and getting things set up for my book. I’m not playing when it comes to my dream(s). I will make each and every dream MY REALITY. Watching Beyonce’s REVEL OVATION concert series put everything back into perspective for my ambition. We lose focus and motivation in the strive for our dreams. But I’m a Capricorn, lol. Money we don’t play and we handle our business over everything else. No person gets in our way. I keep God first and I just be consistent with what’s important to me. Partying, drinking and smoking yeah not me. I drink socially when the time is right and an event is going down. I may sip some wine every now and then but I don’t depend on it for nothing. When you start depending on those things it really makes an impact on your life. You can’t go a day or day(s) without it to me it’s an addiction. My mom always told me “Your were born with everything you need to survive” thats YOURSELF. Everything else is superficial and unnecessary. Think about it. God gives you a brain, talents and common sense that’s what you need to achieve anything. Not drugs, sex, alcohol or any of that materialistic objects we crave. It’s sad when I see people with so much potential but blinded because of love, drugs, circumstances, self pitty, self-esteem issues and not willing to persevere through what they are going through in life. They let everything in life that’s a distraction block what really means the most to them and decide to settle because of themselves. I try everyday to work through the headaches of not being in my field full-time, not knowing what my next move is or not knowing the right steps to get this book to the level I see it at. It’s not easy at all to build success but it takes perseverance. I don’t give up and I think that’s the attitude that will take me to the level I crave EVERYDAY. Everything happens for a reason and people come into our lives for a season. Sometimes you just gotta let it go even if it’s hard to do.

Since I haven’t found full time work, I’m working on building my clientele. Making my name known and building a stronger reader base. I’m willing to do what I need to do to gain the success I know I deserve. I have God given talents not man given. I’ve been building my personal relationship with God to understand things that’s going on with not only myself but with people around me. Having my relationship with God helps me. Even when I was younger I remember just talking to him through everything. When we first moves to VA he’s all I had besides my family but I really didn’t know anyone so I had to build a relationship with HIM. My family are Christians and I was raised in a Christian church so God has always been a factor in my life, nothing new. I may have lost sight and messed up like everyone else a few times but the past few years I’ve regained my relationships with HIM because at the end of the day I know this journey called “LIFE” is just temporary. My FAITH is what will carry me through and I believe in that heavily. I encourage everyone to build their own relationship with God for themselves. Not for anyone else because people are so judgmental and to me long as you hold that relationship with God and understand what HE does in your life on a daily basis then nobody is able to judge that regardless of the sin or mistakes made. Positivity is key and I’m trying to change my mindset for the better so I can advance in my own abilities, choices and LIFE. I don’t like being on the same level every year so I’m trying to grow in my career(s), relationships, family and as a woman period. I smile through it all because I know God will is working on me. Love everyone even your enemies and grow everyday to become a better individual.



…..this is my logo. Hope you guys like it. It will be my BRAND logo. Branding is another focus of mine. ❤



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