Random Post…{May 26th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

This week has been kinda stressful because in my head I can see myself at this incredible, successful and superior level in my career(s) and as a woman as a whole. I keep trying to dig in my head about how am I going to get there because in my heart and soul I’m a believer that if you can see yourself doing something and you dream it then it’s yours. So yeah my mind been just wondering all week. Things been happening that I don’t understand but everything is not meant to understand. I’m trying very hard to not fall into a depression or get stressed. I stress a whole lot and I’m very hard on myself so it’s tough to like just relax or chill. I know where I want to be and failure is not an option. I don’t like to settle at all so idk it’s a lot I got on my shoulders. I know for a fact my platform and physical appearance are my main focuses. This is Beyonce’s big weekend and if you know me you know Beyonce is like my idol. Beyonce is the hardest working woman in the business and I admire her work ethic. She is fearless when trying new things and I think because of so many ventures she’s done it inspires me to keep going regardless the fight I’m up against. She had Blue Ivy in January and has a four concert event this weekend in Atlantic City. Amazing four days performing and she just had a baby. She prepared for the even in two weeks so to me that’s crazy. There’s a lot of criticism going on about her performing but that’s a given it’s Beyonce, lol. Watching her perform and go through the process gave me that inspiration that I needed. I must get my mind back to the grind and it’s natural to fall off but important to get back on it.

Beyonce tribute to WHITNEY HOUSTON


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